Thursday, April 16, 2015

The BEST Infomercial Ever!

I've been feeling a sense of urgency recently. As I look at the world around me, I can't help but see the sin and destruction everywhere. The deception has slowly seeped in everywhere I look. Satan has shifted the balance, things that are right, true and holy are now wrong in the eyes of people. This is true even with people in the church. Jesus is coming. We don't know the hour or the day, but he did give us specific things to look for that could give us a heads up. I see most of those things happening.

Imagine shopping at the Mall of America and finding yourself in the middle of a terrorist attack. When you find a safe way out of the battle, away from the bullets flying, would you just run past others who are ducking and hiding without pointing out the way? Wouldn't you be trying to pull them with you, encouraging them to be brave and run?? If you know there is a gunman ahead and people are still walking down the hall shopping would you not yell out for them to run, warn them??
This is the situation we are in. We know the way out. Recognize the urgency, recognize the battle, see past this temporary shell of a life that distracts from reality. 
Jesus is coming. Think of the people in your life who don't know him. Have you pointed the way out to them? We all have people like that, maybe the girl that gives you your coffee every day or the delivery guy. Maybe it's a daycare provider or teacher. Be bold.

I used to sell Tupperware. I remember telling my sister that it was a product I wasn't ashamed to push because it was worth every penny. I loved Tupperware because they stood behind their product, even 20 years down the road. If something breaks, they replace it. You can be confident that the product is worth the investment because of the warranty.

Well, Jesus has much better customer service and the price is right. As a matter of fact, he paid the price for your guarantee and it never expires. It's free!
That's kind of a big deal! Why aren't we telling more people?? It's not a secret club with limited membership. Anyone can join and be set free from death. This freedom is not just for our next life, but to set us free from the brokenness and pain we're currently in. It's free to join, so there is no risk to give it a try!  This is, however, a limited time offer. Act Now!

Seriously, we need to share the good news. We need to tell more people about this. This is the BIG deal.
If you haven't joined yet and want to know more about this free salvation Jesus is offering you, let me know! ANYONE can get it, no matter their past history.  Jesus accepts any criminal record or credit score! It's the best deal I've ever gotten!

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  1. Best infomercial I have ever seen, love it and you!